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We’re passionate about music and moving images

Since our start in January of 2015, Brash Tracks has been singularly focused on providing the soundtrack to your favorite films, television series, trailers, games, and commercials.

Our boutique vision means each artist and each track is handpicked and represents some of the best music from around the globe. The result is a catalog that’s carefully curated, yet diverse enough to suit any project.

Our core services include sync licensing, creative consultation, trailer music, publishing, and custom score.

If you’re looking for music for your project or a composer for your film, commercial or trailer, send your brief to:

Trailer Music

We are excited to announce our first trailer music album, We Are Legend, will be released to the industry this fall, 2020. Featuring 15 tracks of hybrid, dystopian trailer cues from world class composers including redacted, redacted, and redacted, it’s the perfect accompaniment to your next major studio trailer. Details to be announced soon.


We represent a boutique catalog of music from artists around the globe in various genres including indie rock, pop, EDM, hip-hop, and even gypsy jazz. Much of our catalog is exclusive and one-stop. If you need music for your project, please send us a brief:



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